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Crestchic Load Banks

CPG is the authorised dealer for Crestchic Resistive-Reactive Load Banks in Western Australia.

Crestchic are the largest specialised load bank manufacturer and load bank rental company in the world.   Crestchic have been designing and manufacturing load banks that provide accurate, reliable electrical test loads for commissioning and maintaining power systems for more than 35 years.

Operating successfully in all seven continents they have been reliably testing power supplies every day in locations and climates all round the world, from temperate to jungle, desert to snow, offshore to high altitude.

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Applications include:

Generator testing
To test new or newly assembled units, and periodically test and exercise standby units.

Engine testing
Testing gas engines under various mechanical loads

Eliminate ‘Wet Stacking’
If a diesel engine is not operated under a certain amount of load, unconsumed fuel collects in the exhaust system causing a range of issues. Load banks can be installed in a diesel-powered generator to apply additional load and prevent this issue.

Crestchic containerised load banks enable businesses to accurately test, commission and maintain vital operations.

All Crestchic load banks employ stainless steel finned elements for maximum heat dissipation and durability.


  • Transportable; Supplied with heavy duty swivel castors for ease of transport or without castors for fixed installations.
  • Weather protected; Designed for outdoor use, weather protected rigid IP55 construction
  • Load switching; 1kW switching resolution
  • Longevity; Stainless steel enclosed elements consisting of 80/20 nickel chrome resistance wire for long service life.
  • Reliability; 12 months warranty
  • Support; Full range of accessories available (i.e., cables, cable guards etc.)
  • KCS 100H Controller
Sales & Support
Call our experienced team on 08 6144 3111 or send an email and we will help you find the right solution for your application.

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