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The brands represented and supported by CPG cover the complete marine portfolio,
anywhere from small pleasure craft to large scale commercial applications.

Commercial Marine

CPG has many years of commercial experience having worked with and supported some of Western Australia’s largest players.

The commercial marine engine and generator brands supported and supplied by CPG allow our commercial customers to use us as a ‘one stop shop’.  CPG can take care of product and part sales, engineering, maintenance, upgrades and installations.

CPG’s turnkey solutions has the added value of offering complete aftersales and all-of-life servicing post commissioning, both mechanically and electrically.

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Pleasure Marine

CPG’s experienced Volvo Penta dealer network can support and maintain your vessel.  Using a Volvo Penta dealer will give you peace of mind with an extended warranty period.

Click here to find your nearest Volvo Penta Dealer

“Volvo Penta offers a 12-month standard warranty on all Genuine Volvo Penta Parts and Accessories. With Volvo Penta’s fitted-parts warranty, parts and accessories purchased and installed at an authorized Volvo Penta dealer are covered for 24 months. Not only is the part itself covered under warranty but the labour involved in fitting the part is covered as well”

Click here to view more information on Volvo Penta’s genuine parts warranty

Globally Recognised Brands

Partnering with world class manufacturers gives CPG the ability to support customers with confidence across a variety of industries and disciplines. Supplying equipment, parts and service, CPG offers a complete asset management solution.

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