Ches Power Group is headed up by Director Mike Cippitelli. Mike having many years of experience in all applications and extensive management and operational experience. Mike has been the President of the WA Mining Club and Chairman of Marine WA which both promoted the industries for the state of Western Australia.

CPG marks a significant new beginning with a new management team with expertise in both the equipment repairs, asset management and turnkey solutions.

CPG is synonymous with world class products in the mechanical and electrical disciplines. We offer a complete in-house service, including workshop machining facilities, and with the addition of our Project Management and Engineering Division, we are able to provide a vertically integrated customer solution in-house.

Our aim is to provide an environment and culture to enable value to be added to our employees and, in turn, to our customers. The concept of the win-win is one of the cornerstones of the culture that exists at CPG.