Successful Repower Of Fremantle Ports’ Pilot Boat With Volvo Penta Engines

Successful Repower Of Fremantle Ports’ Pilot Boat With Volvo Penta Engines

Fremantle Ports’ pilot boat “Parmelia” operates out of Western Australia’s largest and busiest general cargo port.

“Parmelia” was originally built and powered by twin MTU 12V183 TE62’s rated @ 735hp, and later in 2012 were replaced with twin MAN D2848LE422’s rated @ 740hp/2740Nm.

When the latest engines required overhauls, CPG was invited to offer an option to repower with new commercial marine engines.

After meeting with the client and discussing the type of work the boat performs and how the current propulsion system performed, CPG quickly decided that Volvo Penta engines would be the best option.

By repowering with the Volvo Penta 750hp/3200Nm, D16-MH engines CPG felt that with the superior torque output and power delivery the vessel would benefit from low-speed manoeuvring, fuel economy and overall top speed.

In addition to the extra torque output, the inline engine design also allows for easier access in and around the engine room, making maintenance easier.

The D16s are coupled up to new ZF500-1A marine gearboxes and controlled by and interfaced with Volvo Penta Heavy Duty EVC Controls. Engine Monitoring is via Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit.

The vessel went back in the water and into service in May 2022.
With the performance of the Vovlo Penta engines exceeding the customers’ expectations, feedback has been nothing but positive!

The vessel’s top speed is now over 28kts (previously 25kts with former engines) and tellingly when compared with the other (newer) pilot boat in Fremantle Ports’ fleet, Parmelia is faster AND better on fuel at around 20L/hr.

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